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HotShot provides a clean windshield in all seasonsWindshield Wiper Heaters - Hot Shot

Simple and highly effective: the HotShot principle

HotShot windshield washer heater

HotShot stands for quick and optimum cleaning of your windshield, removing virtually all types of dirty by using heated washer fluid.
At the touch of a button, HotShot heats the washer fluid to about 150º F (65º C) within 30 seconds and sprays it onto the windshield. Due to the improved cleaning power of the heated fluid, HotShot can then remove the soluble dirt more effectively than any other product on the market today.

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HotShot can be installed in virtually all vehicle types and models, as well as in recreational vehicles and heavy duty vehicles. No special tools are required to install HotShot... [more]
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  • Efficiently removes all dead insects, dust, salt, mud, oil, and detergent residue
  • Prevents cleared windshield from fogging or freezing over again
  • Cleans windshield all year round
  • Increased safety due to clear visibility
  • Convenient cleaning at the touch of a button
  • Utilizes existing washer fluid
  • Releases stuck wiper blades
  • Unblocks frozen wiper nozzles and hoses
  • Removes snow from wiperblades

HotShot provides a clean windshield in all seasons



Quick Clean and Safe

With HotShot, your windshield will be cleared at the touch of a button, and you will have perfect visibility without marks and streaks! Have a safe and enjoyable ride!

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